Smart Devices that Bring Convenience to Your Home


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You don’t need to live in a brand-new home to have the latest technology. The smart home market has taken off, allowing homeowners to have the modern, life-changing technology, despite the age of their house. If you’re thinking about enhancing your home, be sure to check out the following smart devices.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is one of the first and most popular smart home devices. It boasts over 7,000 third-party integrations, helping you manage almost every aspect of your home. Want to know what you should wear before getting out of bed? Simply ask Alexa for the daily forecast. Need to put on a playlist and adjust lighting before guests arrive to your dinner party? Have Alexa do it. Most smart products integrate with Alexa, so you can’t go wrong purchasing this device to manage your smart home ecosystem.

Philips Hue LED Starter Kit

Imagine being able to turn the living room lights on when you’re on vacation, light up the kitchen from the garage before carrying a large load of groceries, or ask Alexa to turn on your bathroom light for a midnight trip to the restroom. The Philips Hue LED Starter Kit is the best option for bringing the convenience of smart lighting into your home. This package includes the Philips Bridge, which is acts as a hub for your lights, as well as two lightbulbs. While this technology might seem a little pricey, these bulbs last a long time, up to 15 years or 15,000 hours.

August Smart Locks

Go keyless by installing a smart lock on your front door. August Smart Locks are easy to install, as they attach to your existing deadbolt, allowing you to still keep your keys (although you’ll never want fumble with those again). August tracks 24/7 door activity through its convenient app, allows homeowners to grant digital keys to guests, and best yet, will unlock the door as you approach and lock up when you walk away.

Ring Doorbell

Smart doorbells are one of the best ways to protect your home from porch pirates and potential intruders. The original smart door bell company, Ring, helps keep your front porch, as well as your entire house, safe and secure. Anytime someone activates the Ring motion detector, Ring begins recording, and sends homeowners an alert via the Ring app. If you’re not home, you can answer the door digitally to interact with visitors, which can help scare off those who don’t belong. Ring has branched further into the security market, offering a wide range of security bundles to help further protect your home.

Nest Products

Nest is no longer just a thermostat company. Nest is building more connected homes with a range of products like cameras, alarm systems, locks, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Similar to Alexa, Nest integrates with a number of smart devices, from LeakSmart water detectors to Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers.

Learn how IoT-based technology is transforming the community security landscape in our free whitepaper, Reinventing Security Technology in the Property Management Space.


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