Simplify Package Management with Three Convenient Features

With the massive growth of online shopping, meal delivery services, and one-shipping, the process of managing packages in your community is likely becoming trickier with each year. If you’re still using pen and paper or Excel sheets, you’re spending doing far too much manual work and likely feel overwhelmed at the end of each day. And if you have software in place but it isn’t making this process significantly easier, you’re using the wrong solution.

Looking for software that will make package management even easier? Make sure it offers these three features.

Package Scanning

Many package tracking providers require you to manually plug details such as name, address, tracking number, and carrier into the system. This is extremely time-consuming and doesn’t bring much efficiency to your team. Look for a solution that allows you to import this information by scanning the packages using a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or Zebra scanner.

Automated Alerts

While many companies automatically send emails once a package has been delivered, that doesn’t always mean it’s ready to be picked up as your team must first scan the package and enter it into your system. Avoid issues with residents coming to the front desk to pick up a package that either hasn’t yet arrived or isn’t ready to be picked up by finding a solution that makes it simple to let residents know their package is ready. Solutions should offer several options for arrival alerts, including email and text messages.

Digital Signature Collection

For added security, it’s recommended that you collect signatures from residents when they pick up packages. This helps you better track when packages have been picked up, and ensures the rightful owner gets their package. Find a solution that allows residents to sign for packages on tablets. This reduces paper waste and offers more convenient storage and access to signatures.

Searching for software to simplify your condo association? Download our checklist to help guide you through the research process, ensuring you end up with the right solution for your community!

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