September Release Notes for PatrolLIVE and dwellingLIVE

Our team is constantly making improvements to our existing software platforms. From fixing bugs to adding enhancements, our engineers are working behind the scenes to make the software you use on a daily basis more convenient and powerful.

These release notes are a way to keep our customers in the loop on what we’ve been working on, and what updates they can expect to see in the software platform. The following updates were released into production on September 19th and are now live in dwellingLIVE and PatrolLIVE.

dwellingLIVE Release Notes:

  • Residents will no longer be prompted to download the resident mobile app when they log-in.
  • To provide a new level of customization, customers will no longer see a bar code or entry code on passes when they choose to eliminate that option.
  • Customers can now modify the second dTek name field without impacting the telephone entry code.
  • The Clear All data button used during the setup of dwellingLIVE is now working.
  • ePasses for parties created within the mobile app will reflect the party dates.

PatrolLIVE Release Notes:

  • The latest patrols and incidents in the dashboard will be shown chronologically making them easier to read.
  • The Checkpoint Exception and Patrol Exception reports are now working as designed.
  • As part of an effort to streamline billing, we have removed the option to pay by credit card in PatrolLIVE. To pay by credit card, customers must be setup in our new payment processor. Please contact Support for more information.

Do you have feature requests you’d like to share with our Product and Engineering teams? Be sure to visit our digital product board. You can vote on feature requests and see our upcoming product roadmap.

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