Relationship Building with Providers

Community managers work day in and day out to ensure that their communities are running smoothly. Not only are they taking care of homeowners, but they are working to maintain the grounds, facilities, and common spaces within the association. With that comes the responsibility of working with different service providers regularly.

According to CAI, “Having reliable service providers ensures that property values are sustained, crucial work is completed, and association leaders meet their legal and fiduciary obligations

Managers communicate with these providers to get proposals and contracts established for work around communities. It’s vital that through these interactions, management is working to aid the relationship and make a good impression so they’ll continue to show up for your communities when you need it most.

So, what should you strive to embody within these business relationships?

  • Communicate and Stay Involved
  • Be Authentic
  • Identify Goals & Values
  • Develop Mutual Respect

Choosing the right service providers and maintaining healthy relationships with them is essential to the success of your association. These connections ensure that important tasks and work get accomplished in a timely manner. Hiring the right folks can keep your community members happy and prospering for years to come!

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