Opening Pools with COVID-19


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Everyone wants to enjoy the community pool during the hot summer season, but this year it’s looking a little different.

Community Associations Institute led a survey asking homeowners about their current pool situation. Only 7% of respondents said that their community pools opened on time, while 40% said their pools remain closed.

According to a management professional from New Jersey, Albert Pellegrino, they are keeping pools closed for a number of reasons including;

1.    Fear of Exposure to Legal Liability

2.    Lack of Insurance Coverage

3.    Inability to Meet Local, State and Federal Requirements

4.    As well as the overall fear of spreading COVID-19

The CDC produced an outline for “Aquatic Venuesthat you and your team should brush up on before considering opening up your associations facilities.

Some of these suggestions include;

1.    Requiring face coverings while not in the pool

2.    Having adequate supplies on hand to support healthy hygiene habits

3.    Proper signs and messaging about how to stop the spread of COVID-19

Other suggestions are surrounding topics of water systems, modified layouts, physical barriers, communal spaces and shared objects.

As always it’s important to read specifically what the CDC recommends prior to making any decisions regarding your communities. Hopefully, with these recommendations your community can open up pool facilities safely! These precaution might be difficult for some, but they will allow homeowners to get a little bit of enjoyment out of these amenities prior to the fall season.



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