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Key Security Insights for Property Managers

In the very near future, we will be launching an exciting new security software, aptly named Secure, for property management companies and community associations. In preparation for this tool, our team sent out a consumer market survey to learn more about importance of security in this industry. While some of the findings from the survey were fairly obvious, others were incredibly surprising. Here are the top three security learnings property managers need to know.

1). Security is critical to resident happiness

80% of residents report that security is critical to their happiness and community enjoyment. This learning isn’t surprising as people want to feel safe where they live. A home is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, investments an individual will make in their lifetime. They need to know this investment, their family and belongings are safe.

What does this mean for property management companies? Residents need to know that you’re doing everything possible to make sure their investment is safe by implementing necessary software, hardware, and a team keep things safe. When an incident does occur, residents need to know that your team is properly trained to resolve the incident, keep the community in the know, and put the right plan in place to prevent similar incidents form happening in the future.

2). Resident want to be in the know

Almost 80% of residents expressed a strong interest in receiving alerts related to safety and security. Even when communities have taken the time to implement necessary security measures, incidents can still occur as it’s nearly impossible to create a community that’s 100% secure. When these incidents occur, it’s how your team reacts and informs residents that will make the difference.

Don’t try to brush incidents under the rug in hopes that residents won’t find out about them. Rather take the time to assess the situation, get all the details, and draft a plan on how to prevent this from happening in the future, then share this information with your residents. They will feel much safer and more trusting if they hear this directly from your team rather than through the grapevine. On the other hand, if residents are potentially in danger during an incident, be sure to have the necessary tools to alert them to avoid the neighborhood or shelter in place until further warning. Just remember, informed communities are happy communities.

3). Security is not a significant focus for property management companies

Improving safety and security does not resonate with the majority of the property management companies we surveyed. We found this surprising, especially seeing how important security is for residents within the communities these companies serve. This is more than simply a miscommunication, this is a clear breakdown between what property management companies implement in their communities and what the residents desire.

Take the time to analyze the software, hardware, and team you have in place to keep your properties safe. Consider surveying residents to find out how they feel about community security. Do they feel safe? Have there been recent incidents that have sparked concern? Are they receiving adequate information from your team regarding safety? Getting insight from them can help you determine where you need to focus immediate attention, even if it’s simply improving communication.

Interested in learning more about how to keep your community safe and informed? Get your copy of our free whitepaper, Reinventing Security Technology in the Property Management Space.

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