How the Right Software Can Enhance Your Resident Engagement Strategy

At FRONTSTEPS, we understand the importance of engagement, especially when it comes to both management companies and residents engaging with and utilizing our platform. We believe that resident engagement and software engagement go hand-in-hand, as both positively benefit the management company as well as its residents. By properly implementing both, management companies can better retain their customers through exceptional customer service, service that far differentiates them from the competition.

Our comprehensive platform can be used as the single tool to help establish and drive a successful resident engagement program in the communities you manage. The platform simplifies and automates tasks that consume your team’s time on a daily basis, giving them more time to focus on providing exceptional, differentiating service to your residents.

So, what’s the first step in building a strong, ongoing engagement strategy? Getting people to sign up for and utilize the FRONTSTEPS portal. While this might seem obvious, we all too often see communities that don’t take the necessary steps to get their residents using the platform. The platform is only valuable if people are using it, so take time to implement it properly. That means you need to first educate your residents on the portal, what it does, and why you need an accurate email address in order to get them signed up.

As humans, we need to understand what’s in it for us in order to take an action. People are bombarded with invites to tools and apps, so it’s vital to position the portal as something that will bring convenience to your residents’ lives.

For tips on how to best pitch the benefits of FRONTSTEPS to get your residents to use the portal, download our free resident engagement guide.

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