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Homeowner Experience

Did you know homeowners have a one in five chance of living in a home that’s a part of an HOA? This data was pulled back in 2017, and since then has increased tremendously. As a professional in the management or association space, you want to do everything in your power to attract and maintain valuable homeowners within your communities. How do you appeal to these buyers, and give them the best homeowner experience?  

According to Community Associations Institute, associations normally do this in three ways;

–      Preserving the nature and character of the community

–      Providing services and amenities to the homeowners

–      Protecting property values

Meeting these three standards can enhance homeowner experience and leave them happy.


–      Valet Trash

–      Street lighting

–      Security

–      Snow removal


–      Pool

–      Gym

–      Clubhouses

–      Business centers


– Protecting the community from eyesores such as broken-down cars, or unmaintained yards

– Overall maintenance and cleanliness of the community

– Enforcing community rules and regulations

– Updating governing documents

73.5 million Americans belong to an HOA or another type of planned community. The likelihood of them finding alternate associations that’ll meet their standards is high, if their current HOA isn’t meeting expectations. Associations have to remember that you’re in charge of creating this homeowner experience. Focus your teams’ efforts in building value and sustaining communities that your embers can call home! 

Management companies help keep things within individual associations organized, as well as keeping their homeowners accountable. Communicate to your homeowners on a regular basis and emphasize that managements door is always open if they have any concerns. By instituting some of these amenities and services for your members you’ll be exceeding their expectations in no time.

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