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Last week we shared how Facebook’s algorithm makes it difficult for Business Pages to share their content with their followers. With only a 2% organic reach, it makes sense to put money behind your Facebook strategy in order for your efforts to be worthwhile. Today we’re going to provide tips on how you can get more exposure to current and prospective followers through the use of boosted posts.

Boosted posts explained

As the owner of a Facebook Business Page, you’ve likely seen the “Boost Postbutton popup next to your posts. Boosting allows Business Pages to pay to get their content seen by more people. Here’s why it makes sense to put money towards your Facebook content:

  • Your posts otherwise won’t be seen: With a 2% organic reach, you’re simply wasting your time creating great content on Facebook for such a small audience.
  • You can reach a larger audience: Looking to increase your following on social media? Boosting intriguing content is a great way to get your message in front of a larger audience, and even increase your following on Facebook.
  • It’s simple advertising: Boosting is far easier than creating ad campaigns in Facebook, and your ads will go live almost immediately.

When to boost a post

We’re not saying that you need to boost every post in order to have a successful Facebook strategy. Rather, you need to strategically boost your posts so you get the most exposure possible for important messages, and you don’t blow through your advertising budget. When thinking about boosting a post, consider the following things:

  • What’s the message? If you’re sharing an important message, one that you’re hoping to get in front of a larger audience, boosting likely makes sense.
  • Can it help drive conversions? If you’re sending people back to your website through the post, and there’s an opportunity for you to capture their information through a form, boosting it can help increase conversions from that post.
  • How is it performing organically? If a post receives a decent number of likes, comments, or shares prior to boosting, it might make sense to put money towards it in hopes of driving even more engagement.

How much does boosting cost?

The minimum budget to boost a post is $1 per day. However, this is one of those situations where you must spend money in order to make money. Facebook will supply estimates on how large your reach will be depending on the amount of money you’re willing to put towards the post. We recommend that you start low, such as $10-$15 on your first post, and analyze the results. Test to see which type of targeting tends to get the most engagement (likes, shares, comments), new followers, and conversions on your site, and create similar content with a similar budget moving forward.

How to boost your posts

The great thing about boosting a post is it’s simple to do. You essentially click the “Boostbutton next to the post you’d like to promote and follow Facebook’s step-by-step prompts to create targeting and budgeting for your post. For more information on boosting posts, we recommend reading this helpful article from social media expert, Hootsuite.

So there you have it, you now have the necessary information to setup a complete Facebook Business Page, create a consistent content calendar, and boost your posts to ensure your content is actually seen. Do you have any recommendations based on your experience using Facebook Business Pages? Be sure to share your tips and experiences in the comment section below!

Looking for additional ways to improve your overall strategy? Get your free copy of our whitepaper, Key Strategies to Promote an Informed and Efficient Community.


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