FRONTSTEPS Partners with Kantech

DENVER, Feb. 12, 2019 — FRONTSTEPS is excited to announce the launch of Secure, a cloud-based software offering credentialed access, visitor management, telephone entry, and more all within one simplified platform. When combined with FRONTSTEPS existing Community and Connect solutions, Secure provides vital security capabilities, in addition to community management tools, into one, easy-to-use platform.

This seamless platform enables front of the house staff, like guards, receptionists, and property managers, to conveniently manage everything within their community from events, packages, and maintenance requests, to residents, visitors, and vendors.

“With ever-advancing technology, and a growing number of industries moving towards an integrated, unified environment, we too have heeded the call with Secure,” says FRONTSTEPS CEO, Jamie Clymer. “The process for adequately securing and managing communities was convoluted. From ripping and replacing hardware to managing separate tools for everyday tasks, there was a dire need for a single, integrated solution.”

FRONTSTEPS strategically launched Secure with its flagship hardware partner, Kantech. Secure works with a wide range of Kantech-integrated technologies that are native to the EntraPass platform today, such as hattrix cloud-based access control, BLE Bluetooth readers, Aperio Wireless locks, KTES Telephone Entry System, and more.

“To set Secure up for success, we partnered with one of the industry’s most trusted hardware providers, Kantech, for product launch,” says Eric Waldinger, Chief Revenue Officer at FRONTSTEPS. “Kantech provides our customers with state-of-art technology to keep their communities safe and secure. We, in turn, enable Kantech to offer its customers with key visitor management capabilities, that work in-sync with the existing credentialed access features offered through EntraPass.”

For more information about Secure, schedule a demo with one of our Software Specialists.

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