FRONTSTEPS Leadership Series – Chris Baker

This month we took the time to interview CRO Chris Baker to understand what is going on in the community management space and objectives to anticipate within the coming year.

Q: What was your big takeaway from 2020?

A: In one-word, flexibility. We all learned a significant lesson in being flexible and adapting to work and home life. Transitioning to work from home, juggling kids, and a new environment was challenging for many of us. We didn’t anticipate these struggles, but we adjusted and thrived.

Q: What are you hearing in the market currently?

A: While communicating with professionals in our industry, I’ve noticed a significant push for a one-stop-shop. Customers can be utilizing 4-5 different software systems to run their management company daily. Today, these teams are committed to simplifying and streamlining their software systems. Management Companies use technology to reduce expenses. The consolidation to one integrated software helps them accomplish this. We’re also noticing many management companies merging. With this change, companies are working to differentiate themselves. Because of this, we’re seeing a push for mobile apps that serve all community members while working to increase profitability.

Q: Any changes to anticipate in the next few months?

A: A stress on workflow management! Community managers want to make sure the software they’re utilizing serves them. We’ve also seen a massive shift towards online payments. Paper checks are in the past, and homeowners want the convivence that online solutions provide.

Q: Any common trends you’re seeing?

A: Again, we’re noticing a push towards mobile solutions. Our prospects want to communicate with their boards and homeowners by utilizing one piece of software. These users also love our co-branded mobile application; they’re finding that it’s the best way to communicate with homeowners. Communities also enjoy the idea that they can add an aspect of their branding to make it their own.

Chris Baker is the Chief Revenue Officer at FRONTSTEPS. Chris has been in sales his entire professional career and has worked in the SaaS space with an emphasis on property management software for seven years.

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