FRONTSTEPS Announces the Integration of FS Pay to FRONTSTEPS Community for MSI Jenark Users

FRONTSTEPS is excited to announce FS Pay’s integration to FRONTSTEPS Community for clients using MSI Jenark Property Management Software.  

This integration was greatly anticipated and is another step that FRONTSTEPS is taking to connect its highly integrated FRONTSTEPS suite. The company’s ultimate mission to bring all client data, workflows, and technology onto one platform so community managers can focus their time on Community Management versus IT management. With FRONTSTEPS, all data and tools are highly integrated, safe, and accessible to community management staff, board members, and homeowners.  

FS Pay is the industry’s most sophisticated and integrated online payment service, allowing community managers to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and improve their clients’ overall security. When integrated into the FRONTSTEPS Community portal, community managers are truly offering their boards and homeowners the world’s finest assessment payment experience.    

The integration includes services for the FRONTSTEPS web applications, mobile apps, and co-branded mobile applications. Homeowners can view their balances, make payments, schedule recurring payments, change payment types, and see payment history.    

“The integration of FS Pay to FRONTSTEPS Community is a game-changer in this industry,” said Matt DeWolf, Chief Product Officer and President of Payments at FRONTSTEPS. “Instead of linking out to third-party payment services, clients can stay in one ecosystem which delivers convenience, unprecedented accuracy, and security. Our clients understand the high cost and complexity that paper checks represent. And our fastest-growing clients are rapidly moving payments online. This new integration allows a large piece of our market to make that move.”  

FRONTSTEPS has experienced a 175% increase in online payments through FS Pay, reinforcing the need for secure and convenient online payments in the community management market.  

If you’d like to learn more about FS Pay or the entire FRONTSTEPS Suite, connect with a representative today!

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