Fostering Connectivity Among Homeowners

Management, board members, and homeowners are in a difficult situation these days to stay connected. It’s unknown when all communities will feel comfortable having in-person meetings and events, making it even more critical to connect the community today.

While meeting in person might not be an option for some communities, there are a few strategies you can employ to create this sense of community while keeping these events online. 

Provide Communication Tools

  • Providing efficient communication tools in every community is a must. When homeowners aren’t receiving updated and consistent information, problems can arise. Today software such as community portals can streamline communication and facilitate health conversations among boards and homeowners. 

Provide a Welcoming Environment 

  • When homeowners don’t actively participate, it’s hard for them to stay invested in their communities’ future. Strengthen these relationships by cultivating an inclusive environment to create participation from all homeowners. 

Facilitate Online Events

  • Create a sense of community through virtual community events! These events can include annual association meetings, and community zoom calls can help homeowners get the face-to-face interaction that’s been minimal this past year. As a manager, you might consider emailing weekly newsletters. Within these sends, you can include updates and opportunities to participate in the future. 
FRONTSTEPS offers even more ways to stay connected with their co-branded mobile application!

If you can communicate consistently and clearly, foster connections virtually, and create an inclusive environment, you’ll strengthen the bonds within your community now and in the future.

If you’re interested in building this type of connectivity amongst you management team, board members, and homeowners connect with a FRONTSTEPS representative today and learn about our entire suite of products.

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