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Feature Release – Detailed View of Architectural Requests, Work Orders and Violations

You asked, and we listened! FRONTSTEPS is constantly working to improve the functionality of all products within our suite. We’re working on building out the director experience as part of our best-in-class integration between the FRONTSTEPS web portal and Caliber Desktop. To help stay informed and on top of all community issues, we’re introducing board members/directors to view the same level of detail about maintenance items submitted by homeowners. Maintenance items include architectural requests, work orders, and violations.

The feature is now available to all users integrated with the Caliber Desktop system and has the following functionality; 

  • Board Members/Directors: Board Members/Director Permissions do not have to be enabled. It only requires the homeowner to be designated as a Board Member/Director from the Directory. Board Members/Directors can view all Architectural Requests, Work Orders, and Violations for their community.
  • Managers: Managers also can view all Architectural Requests, Work Orders, and Violations.
  • Homeowners: Homeowners will continue to have the ability to view their Architectural Requests, Work Orders, and Violations.
  • Web portal and Mobile view: This update allows for items to be viewed either in the FSC web portal or a mobile device.

Some specific feature enhancements within this update include; 

  • View: This feature will allow Board Members to view Architectural Requests, Work Orders, and Violations for the entire community.
  • New Menu Option: A new link has been added to the menu options – Board Member/Approvals.
  • Director Designation: Users must have the Director designation in the Directory to access this feature.
  • Data Display: Data for the past 6 months will display, with the newest data at the top of the list.
  • Filters: Filters will sort by Status and Type for Work Orders. For Violations = Status for ACR = Status.
  • Search: Search is available by number, description, or type for Work Orders. For Violations, search is available by number, type, or description. For Architectural Requests, search capability is available by the number or project name.
  • Action Dropdown to View Details: This feature is only available with Caliber integration.

Learn more about this update and specific feature enhancements connected with a representative today at [email protected]

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