Elevator Safety Tips

Did you know there are about 325 million elevator rides taken every day? For how many rides are taken, and the increasing popularity of this type of transportation elevator safety is not something you hear about every day.

While not every community has elevators, if yours does it’s important to be educated when utilizing this machine.

Elevator Safety Tips 

Waiting for Elevators:

1.    Know your destination

2.   Be aware of health conditions that could contribute to falls or accidents

3.   Stand clear of the elevator doors and stand aside for exiting passengers

Boarding Elevators:

1.    Allow passengers exiting the elevator to clear before boarding

2.   Hold children and pets firmly

3.   Passengers nearest to the doors should move first when the car arrives

4.   Never try to stop a closing door, wait for the next car

Riding Elevators:

1.    Stand next to the elevator wall, if available

2.   Pay attention to the floor indications and announcements when provided

Exiting Elevators:

1.    Exit immediately at your floor. Do not wait for others behind you

2.   Watch your step – the elevator car may not be perfectly level with the floor

Elevator Emergency:

1.    If the elevator should ever stop between floors, do not panic, there is plenty of air in the elevator

2.   Never climb out of a stalled elevator

3.   Use the “Alarm” or “Help” button, the telephone or the intercom to call for assistance

4.   Wait for qualified help to arrive and never try to leave an elevator that has not stopped normally

5.   Emergency lighting will come on in the event of a power failure

The average user takes 4 trips in an elevator every day. It’s important to remind ourselves of these good elevator practices so we can keep everyone in our communities safe and happy. It’s a good idea for management to remind homeowners of these practices regularly, incase an emergency ever occurs.

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