Electing Board Officials

Voting for the board of directors is an essential task when prepping your community for a new year. Homeowners come and go, it’s important to fill these positions with individuals who value the association and want the best for their community.

Due to COVID-19 many of these board meetings are happening virtually, in-turn presenting difficulties when trying to vote.

Luckily enough many community software’s include features such as surveys and polls within their community portals. This feature presents an excellent alternative rather than physically going to a space in the community and having all of homeowners come in and vote.

It’s pretty amazing how technology is helping us in regard to communication. Communities still need care, and people who are willing to devote their time. By employing community portals, your association could see an increase in participation and homeowner education.

Here is an example of what a Community Manager would see when creating a Survey utilizing Community Portals from FRONTSTEPS:

Browse Active & Closed Surveys
Create New Surveys

Below is an example of what a Homeowner would see when logging in and completing the survey:

Homeowner view when taking a survey
Homeowner view after submitting a survey

Not only does this keep homeowners safe from exposure, but you’re allowing community members that might have tricky schedules the ability to have a voice! As always please consult your individual states rules and regulations around voting.

Do you think your community would benefit from this technology? Connect with a FRONTSTEPS representative today.

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