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Dealing with an Influx of Packages within Your Community

Homeowners rely on shipping and mail carriers today more than ever. Over the past few years, there has been an influx of consumers turning to online buying, as it’s more streamlined and convenient than ever before. 

In the United States alone, professionals speculate that there will be 300 million online shoppers in 2023. That’s 91% of the entire country’s population!

With most of your community members ordering and receiving these packages there’s an increase of time spent on dealing with these deliveries and less time spent on other essential duties. According to All Property Management, “a typical apartment community receives as many as 100 packages per weeka number that can double during the holidaysand online shopping shows no signs of slowing. This means that landlords, property managers, and HOAs are going to have to get more creative when it comes to package delivery management.”

These deliveries might be disrupting your daily workflow. Still, there are a few steps to ensure these critical packages are getting to the correct homeowners while being efficient in your management practices. 

Strategy 1: Relinquish Responsibility

  • Unless you have an on-site management office where staff can receive packages for residents, be sure to specify that you’re not responsible for deliveries.

Strategy 2: Invest in Package Lockers

  • Package lockers are convenient and secure options for receiving homeowner packages without having someone physically accept them.

Strategy 3: Install an Oversized Mailbox

  • You might look into installing an oversized mailbox that can accommodate packages. This won’t solve all of your package delivery challenges, but it will at least keep a portion of the deliveries secure for homeowners.

Strategy 4: Utilize Smart Locks

  • If your complex is smaller, you might consider installing a smart lock system on your front door. Carriers could use a unique code to unlock the front door, allowing them to leave packages in the foyer.

Hopefully, these strategies can help your management team in the future when dealing with packages! FRONTSTEPS offers package tracking for homeowners once they have entered the community. To learn more about the solutions within our suite, connect with a representative today! 

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