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Community Reservations Considering COVID-19

It’s no surprise everyone is ready to get back into the gym after these long months of quarantine. However, keeping our communities safe and healthy is a major concern of management companies and community associations.

How can we open our community amenities that our hard-working homeowners pay for, while keeping things clean, and individuals healthy?

The simple answer is already within your portal, Community Reservations! Utilizing community reservations have always been a great feature within FRONTSTEPS portals. However, with the epidemic they’ve never been more important.

Homeowners have the ability to schedule the use of amenities at any time. The CDC has given recommendations on limiting the number of individuals in community spaces, and this feature ensures regulation. This solution offers you and your homeowners’ peace of mind knowing that everyone is taking the necessary precautions.

Management can easily update, and add any community amenities including gyms, offices, club houses, etc. From there, homeowners can sign up for select times, and your management team can then approve or deny the requests.

Communicate with your homeowners and remind them of the importance of continuing to maintain healthy social distancing procedures as we transition back to our normal routines. You can even share the visual below that helps illustrate exactly how distancing keeps society healthy.

Interested in implementing community reservations within your communities? Schedule a FRONTSTEPS demo today!

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