Community Outreach

Even though there’s a pandemic going on, our communities still need support. Donating your time and volunteering to help those around you is beneficial for a number of reasons. It’s been proven that individuals who volunteer regularly are both healthier physically and mentally than those who don’t participate. Not only does volunteering give us a sense of purpose but it contributes to our psychological well-being. Honestly, with the many hardships that our world is facing today, our communities need help now more than ever.

You might be asking “How can we give back, and ensure the safety of volunteers/community members around us?

This is a great question, and there are many ways we can give back without risking exposure to COVID-19. Since March, more than a quarter of Americans have donated money, supplies, or time to help people in their community. 

Recruiting volunteers should transition from face-to-face signups, to online registration. Training should take a hands-off approach! Clearly explain within a video or email everything the volunteers need to know. You should also include expectations, as well as the overall mission. Be prepared as an organization and take necessary precautions. Don’t forget things like extra masks and supplies to sanitize. It might be a good idea to appoint a specific volunteer to make sure everyone is staying safe and frequently touched surfaces are staying sanitized.

Even though giving back during a pandemic might require extra preparation, help is needed more than ever. Members of your community might have lost their jobs, businesses have shut down indefinitely, and many lives have been lost. Now is the time to work together, to bring necessities and happiness to all who have been affected. Your community can come together to help and spread love in a safe way!

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