CES Recap: The Latest in Smart Home Security

Last week we shared some of our favorite smart home product releases that debuted at CES. From mirrors to air purifiers, it’s clear that truly anything can become a smart device. This is true for home security as well. Gone are the days of having to pay expensive monthly bills to protect your home. Thanks to emerging technology, homeowners can keep their families and belongings safe without breaking the bank. Here’s the latest in smart home security from CES.

Peephole Doorcams

There is a new form of doorbell technology that’s gaining momentum: peephole cameras. Brinno and Ring debuted doorbell cameras that can be retrofitted to doors with peepholes. This technology is great because it doesn’t require hardwiring or drilling. Brinno takes a high-quality photo when someone arrives at the front door, while Ring records a video.

Abundance of Video Doorbells

Homeowners looking to install a smart doorbell will have a lot of research to do, as several new companies have joined Ring and Nest in bringing technology to your front porch. From Maximus’ unique doorbell that utilizes two cameras to track both visitors and packages, to Ezviz, Tuya, Netatmo, and LifeShield all releasing their own line of doorbell cameras, this will be an interesting category to keep an eye on as more companies continue to enter this already competitive space.

DIY Home Security

The DIY home security space is growing in popularity for those looking to secure their house and take home monitoring into their own hands. Companies like Kangaroo offer simple home security systems that are easy to install, and incredibly affordable, with the option to tack on professional monitoring for only $60 a year. Other companies like Arlo, for example, offer full home protection with an all-in-one device that detects motion, doors and windows opening, smoke and carbon monoxide, changes in temperature, and water leaks.

Goodbye Keys, Hello Smart Locks

Keys are so last year. Several new smart lock companies have hit the market, bringing simplicity to how you get into your home. Elecpro will open your door with its innovative face-scanning technology, while Yale offers a digital touchpad. Lockly, on the other hand, offers five different ways to unlock its Secure Pro deadbolt, including an old-school key, key pad, fingerprint scan, app, and voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant commands.

Security Lighting

Security gadgets for outside the home were also a big trend in smart home technology at CES. Smart light trendsetter Philips Hue, is launching an outdoor version of its motion sensor, along with new outdoor lighting fixtures. Ring is joining the lighting business by launching a full lineup of outdoor smart lighting with built in motion sensors. These lights can trigger Ring cameras, providing ultimate security at an affordable price.

Additional Releases

In an effort to fight porch pirates, Amazon has expanded its in-home delivery service, Key by Amazon, to include in-garage delivery using Chamberlain’s connected garage doors. Sunflower Labs is looking into how drones can be used for home security. This expensive security solution won’t be available for at least another year but teased how high-tech garden lights can sense motion and vibration, and then send a drone to check out suspicious activity.

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