Best Technology Gifts of 2020

With the holidays approaching you might be wondering what gifts you should look into giving this season. According to a survey produced by Criteo people are planning to purchase more gifts online than they did in 2019, making it even more important to start the search for those amazing gifts early.

According to the Consumer Technology Association, 74 percent of U.S. adults plan to buy at least one tech gift this year, making technology one of the most popular items to purchase. It’s recommended that you start purchasing all your online gifts early to account for shipping time, returns, and delays due to the busy season.

With that being said, do you need a little bit of inspiration? We’ve got you covered, here are a few of the most wanted items of 2020.

Temperature Control Smart Mug

  • Keep your coffee mug at a desirable temperature all day with a mug and warmer. You can control the temperature using an app on your phone, and couldn’t be a better edition to your office.  

Smart Plug

  • Amazon has done it again with another device to connect to your Alexa! These plugins connect and enable you to tell Alex to turn on devices such as lamps, you can also schedule these lights to come on anytime you want.

Security Camera

  • The Nest Security Camera is sure to take your home security to the next level. This camera is great at picking up motion and sound, as well as notifying the owner immediately of this activity.

Phone Sanitizer

  • We all know sanitation is more important than ever, especially on the surfaces we use most. This UV phone sanitizer can get rid of 99.9% of bacteria on your phone, keys, credit cards, and more. It also fits about any phone out on my market today.


  • According to Giftsicle you can’t go wrong with Apple, especially their new wireless AirPods Pro noise canceling earbuds with charging station! These headphones have no wires, stay in your ears comfortably, are water resistant, and charge faster and last longer than the originals. They can even be charged wirelessly on a wireless charging pad.

For more tips on the latest technology gifts take a look at this article by the Today Show. They have linked some great ideas, as well as included lists with different price points if you need to stay within a budget. Best of luck with your holiday shopping and gift giving this year.

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