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4 Summer Lawncare Tips for Your Community

Summer landscaping can be a lot of work. From preventing brown spots while reducing water waste to finding the right team to maintain your plants and turf, keeping your community pristine is no easy task. We’ve shared smart devices that save water, as well as why xeriscaping can be an excellent option for communities in drought-prone regions. If you’re not quite ready to replace sod with mulch, follow these four tips to keep your grassy areas looking great.

Establish a Smart Watering Schedule

To keep lawns looking green during the hot summer months, you need to ensure you’re watering them properly. Lawns require one inch of water per week, and up to an inch and a half when the heat is severe. A great way to make sure you’re watering enough is by placing a straight-sided can, such as an empty tuna can, in the lawn for a week to see how much water collects from rain an irrigation. Also, opt for watering early in the morning versus at night to prevent fungal growth and ensure water doesn’t evaporate during the day.

Mowing Matters

Many people associate healthy lawns with short grass. However, taller blades are more drought tolerant and establish deeper roots. Aim to keep your blades around three inches in height. Be sure to sharper the mower blade, as you want it to cut the grass, not tear it.

Hold Off on Fertilizer

While fertilizer is a go-to when your lawn looks like it’s struggling, hold off from using it in the summer. If your lawn starts looking brown, wait until fall to reapply fertilizer, then do so again in the early spring. Over-fertilizing your yard can cause it to look even worse as it can even “burnyour lawn.

Keep Those Clippings

Rather than raking up clippings, mulch them throughout the yard. This will help maintain moisture on those hot days, as well as provide nutrients once they begin decomposing. However, it’s important that you don’t leave clippings if you haven’t cut your lawn for a while. Leaving heavy, long clumps of grass can end up suffocating your healthy lawn.

Maintaining a beautiful landscaping throughout your community is a great way to keep residents happy. For more tips on improving resident experience, download our free six-step guide!

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