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4 Condo Management Features that Will Simplify Your Life

What comes to mind when you think of condo management software? Do you think of communication tools, payment portals, and perhaps a nice website to go along with it? These are all great features that will bring efficiencies to your staff and residents. However, condo management software is constantly evolving, bringing even more convenient features into one platform.

If you’re thinking about implementing software for the first time or you’re looking to change providers, be sure to do your research and find a single solution with more features rather than multiple solutions offering a few key features. Here are four things you might not know can be offered in one platform.

Visitor Management

Provide peace of mind to residents living in your condo community by selecting software that ensures approved guests and vendors can get in with ease, while keeping those who don’t belong out. Bonus points if the solution allows residents to create and send digital passes to visitors and vendors before they arrive to the community.

Access Control

Condo communities typically have areas that only staff can access, as well as amenities with open and closed hours. Find a solution that makes it easy to determine who can go where and when in your community. Make it even easier for maintenance crews and vendors to do their job by giving them access to specific areas of the community all within the platform.

Parking Management

Parking can quickly become a nightmare if it’s managed with pen and paper or an outdated system. Bring simplicity to your lot or garage by digitally tracking resident, visitor, and vendor parking. Make sure the platform allows you to customize spaces depending on the naming convention you’re currently using whether that be numbers, letters, or custom names for spots.

Resident Self-Service

The condo market is competitive, so it’s important to prioritize and differentiate the resident experience in your community. Find software that simplifies resident’s lives by enabling them to do things like booking amenities on their own instead of making a phone call.

Looking for additional features your future condo management solution should offer? Download our free software checklist to help guide your research!

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