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HOA Managers are busy. Between work, kids, and life, it’s not easy to rally everyone to vote in the latest community election or muster the architectural review board. Take advantage of FRONTSTEPS Management and Communication Tools to make the HOA experience easy, convenient, and helpful for everyone.

HOA Management Software

Accounting Integration | Calendar | Messaging | Document Storage | Architectural Review Requests | Voting Booth

Accounting Integration

Getting paid is central to your role as an HOA manager or property manager. With FRONTSTEPS software, your Jenark, TOPS [ONE], or QuickBooks accounting information syncs with our database so contact information, phone numbers, and financial data are always up-to-date. Dues and neighborhood violation fees will also populate in the system, providing full transparency for both parties.

• Integrates with TOPS, FirstService, CondoCerts, CapSure, HomeWise, Genius, VMS, Caliber, DuesPayment and PayLease

Interactive Calendar

Your residents want information. They’re hungry for it. Our inaugural FRONTSTEPS customer survey showed that 7 in 10 respondents appreciate features that promote community involvement. The calendar is one of our signature features where you can showcase your neighborhood happenings like meetings or events.

  •     Multiple calendars for active neighborhoods
  •     Event RSVP functionality
  •     “Management Only” calendar section for construction project and bid deadlines, vendor contract details, and board events


Alert residents in your neighborhood with SMS text messages or phone call blasts for street closures and weather alerts. Your residents will appreciate emails, too, for event notifications, reminders about club meetings and more. It’s also an easy way to share meeting minutes, budgets, and other community documents.

Document Storage

Forget handing out binders and reams of paper manuals. Host all necessary documents, forms, insurance information, and manuals online that residents can easily access. Update them anytime.

  • Host meeting minutes, newsletters, and notices in quick access folders
  • Personalize further with welcome packets, school information, and local activities

Architectural Review Requests

Maintaining the look and feel of a neighborhood is no easy task. It’s a vision that neighbors need to get on board with and their homes need to reflect this. It’s why having an architectural review board is an essential part of today’s modern communities. When people want to change the exterior of their home with room or porch additions, for example, they can submit these plans and supporting documents through FRONTSTEPS. The request gets routed to the correct people who can then review the plans. The same goes for landscape, hardscape, and other enhancements. Simple and streamlined.

Voting Booth

Entirely online and secure, the voting booth is a sleek way for residents to vote in neighborhood or community elections. Our software integrates with your website and directory so you can add in candidate biographies/photos, set quorum targets, set permissions based on roles (i.e., board vote only), and see who’s voted. Once the election is done, run a quick report for easy distribution and then, if you need to, print mailing labels to snail mail a ballot to people who prefer a paper ballot.