Mobile App for Guard Tours

Optimize Safety and Tour Management

Field Inspection Made Easy

With the FRONTSTEPS mobile app, guards and patrol officers are equipped with the technology they need to create trust and safety in the community, healthcare facility, campus or any area they monitor. Officers can fire up the tool on their smartphone in just minutes – no special equipment is needed—and can immediately begin patrolling within their assigned GeoFence. In addition to communicating clear boundaries where they need to patrol, the GeoFence (latitude, longitude, and radius defined) offers another layer of security for officers who are always at risk.

Mobile App for Guard Tours Features

Improved Productivity | Accountability

Improved Productivity

The app gives security personnel the ability to tag checkpoints using tough, weather-proof GeoTag Checkpoint ID’s. Once the QR is scanned, the app drops a pin to indicate where the officer is located and then prompts them (with checkpoint and/or location instructions) to take any further actions you or the client deems necessary. These can include text comments, photos, or audio recordings that the officer must provide. Eliminating manual data entry means improved productivity and less room for error.


Pull back the curtain and make your property or campus more secure with the FRONTSTEPS mobile app. Capture and document accurate data about officers’ locations, checkpoints inspection data, progress, incidents, dispatch response time, and compliance. Detailed reports can easily be viewed by managers via their live dashboard and exported for analysis—giving full visibility into worker productivity. Our software also provides clear insight into property patrol coverage, effectively minimizing redundancies among employee watches.