Residential Access Control


Manage and Monitor Your Gated Community

Keeping your community secure calls for an intersection between technology and humans. Credentialed Access, a web-based solution, monitors an unlimited number of doors, building entry points, and vehicle gates. Meanwhile, security guards can monitor all activity in real time. Together, FRONTSTEPS’ Credentialed Access is the ideal security solution.

Residential Access Control Features

Customizable | Connected


Integrate our software with your existing system—gate clickers, key fobs, proxy cards, vehicle transponders, and any Wiegand devices—and provide another layer of security for all of your community assets. • Works with any combination of doors and vehicle gates • Tailor access levels by employee


Our web-based system is backed with local storage so administrators can view the status and connectivity of their hardware in real time, remotely unlock doors, and monitor all transactions live. Guards and other administrators will know who accessed a facility, and when, offering a straightforward approach to incident reporting.