Summer's in full swing. That means clouds of sun screen and swimming pools packed to capacity.

During one such picture perfect Virginia Beach pool day, the scene came to an unfortunate halt, when pool-goers began to complain about feeling like they were getting shocked. Thankfully, pool managers acted quickly, cleared the area, and called medics. With some thorny issues to tackle, including communication, injury, accountability, and follow up, the HOA took control.

Big questions as the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season ramps up. The National Hurricane Center reported four tropical storms already, and while none made it to hurricane status, they're saying it's going to be a busy season. That means the possibility of disaster and disaster recovery. It's why South Carolina, Rep. Mark Sanford is taking action now. 

As the FRONTSTEPS team continues to develop new technologies to meet the needs of homeowners and HOA leaders, it’s important to get a fresh perspective from the people we serve. It’s why, in April 2017, FRONTSTEPS conducted a consumer market study with a nationwide, random sample of 500 respondents ranging in age from 34-54 with an income range between $55,000 and $150,000. 

When a Tampa Bay, FL area family missed a $150 homeowner association payment and the ensuing late fees, a lien was placed on their property and it was sold at public auction. And there wasn’t anything illegal about it. Associations can levy fines and late fees if dues aren't paid on time.