Campus Security

Security Guard Tour and Patrol Monitoring

Powering Secure Educational Institutions

FRONTSTEPS Patrol software provides the guards patrolling your campus – whether that’s a handful or a hundred – with powerful tools that help keep students & faculty safe, and building assets secure. With our fully mobile application, security administrators will have instant access to patrol status updates and critical information, like incident reports and messaging.


Asset Awareness | Checkpoint Completion | Annual Security Reporting

Asset Awareness

Handle day-to-day security for buildings, personnel, students, and other assets with full awareness and integration. With the ability to instantly message administration about any incidents or emerging situations, FRONTSTEPS software guarantees collaboration and a commitment to safety. View employee breadcrumb history for 1 to 100 hours, meaning managers will know, with confidence, where all personnel traveled on property.

Checkpoint Completion

Verify checkpoint completion easily through 1 of 5 ways: geo tags, text, GPS capture, photo, or audio means.  Guards simply wand or tag each assigned location, and their data syncs to the cloud, daily or weekly. Tier-based pricing is available and set-up takes just a few hours.

Annual Security Reporting

FRONTSTEPS makes your Annual Security Reporting (per The Clery Act) easy. All requirements, including 3 years of campus crime statistics are easily downloadable. It’s why universities in Ohio, California, and North Carolina are already taking advantage of the FRONTSTEPS Patrol capabilities. $99 a month, per device. Save money with an annual contract.