The Neighborhood

Come on over...

Hopefully the Guns N' Roses title piqued your interest ... One of the FRONTSTEPS core values is to take care of the customer at all times. The customer support team is on the frontlines every day answering questions about websites, coding challenges, graphic design help, real estate listings, and more. One particular team member warrants a special shout out.

Remember Dave Letterman's Top Ten list?  They were hilarious. Often, celebs came on to read the list. Snoop Dog read, "Things that sound cool when said by Snoop Dog," and Robert De Niro and Al Pacino read,  "Top Ten Reasons I Like Being An Actor." (De Niro deadpanned, "It's the makeup. I like wearing makeup."). Unfortunately we don't have any celebs to read off our Top Ten Reasons to Attend our inaugural webinar, so we're going old school.  And if this isn't funny, Jacob, our designer, promises to do stupid human tricks. 

My husband served in the military for 20 years and each time we moved to a new squadron or base, we had an instant family. We were immediately entrenched in bunco night, pool parties, and of course 'spouse whine and wine' nights.  Besides the informal happenings, each unit was assigned a Family Readiness Officer. Our FRO (the military does love their acronyms) Angie, and I planned events and gatherings for families—jumpy castles, face painting, music, and barbecues were standard weekend affairs. The piece de resistance: when Santa flew in on a Harrier Jet for the Christmas party. But was it just all fun and games?  

The back to school shopping lists are rolling in. Trapper Keepers (ok, those might not be a thing anymore), pencils, new uniform shirts, and fresh haircuts are on the list of to-buy and to-do before the big day. And perhaps what's most exciting for parents—kids actually getting back on a schedule and going back to school. Cue the happy parents.