FRONTSTEPS Announces Security Partnership with Gulf and Bay Club Condominiums

Last week, members of our Product team, Frankie Moss and Rachael Axtman, visited the Gulf and Bay Club Condominiums in Siesta Key, FL to train and setup the community on FRONTSTEPS Secure. This is a significant milestone for our company, as this community is the first beta customer using our new, all-in-one credentialed access and visitor management platform.

Gulf and Bay Club is in a unique situation. This beautiful, upscale community provides residents and vacationers with breath-taking scenery both on and off the beach. Their private beach is arguably one of the best in Florida, and their full-time landscapers work hard to keep the community nothing short of pristine. However, the community sits right next to Siesta Beach, which is not only the most popular public beach, but also the most popular tourist destination on the Key. In fact, the beach was named the best beach in the United States a few years ago. As a result, Gulf and Bay Club sees a number of public beach goers walking through its community to access the beach, as well as using the pool and other community facilities. This is causing unnecessary wear and tear on the facilities and landscaping, increasing trash, and presenting an increased risk for crime. This traffic is also impacting the resident’s enjoyment of this normally quiet, tranquil community.

For the past several years, the security team at Gulf and Bay Club has been using pen and paper to track visitors on the property. They have been going through the time-consuming process of distributing handwritten notes to visitors who have permission to be on the property, while struggling to keep those who don’t belong out. That’s where FRONTSTEPS comes in.

Our team members went to Florida to help train the community managers and security team on everything they need to know to start using our platform to secure their community. The team will be able to easily create and distribute digital visitor passes to guests and vendors who actually belong on the property. The community is also working with Sarasota-based security dealer, Rapid Security Solutions, to install Kantech hardware. Kantech readers combined with our software will require credentials for individuals to access the facilities and beachfront, ultimately eliminating all traffic from unauthorized public beach goers.

“We’re very excited about the launch of FRONTSTEPS Secure,says Jamie Clymer, FRONTSTEPS CEO. “Our software is a perfect fit for the unique needs of Gulf and Bay Club. We are looking forward to receiving feedback from this team that will enable us to develop future enhancements to the platform, making it even more powerful.

One piece of feedback that we’ve already received from the Gulf and Bay Club team is how intuitive the software is. The entire team, from their community managers to security guards, has expressed how happy they are that the software is extremely easy to use.

A happy member team writes, “We couldn’t be more pleased with having Rachael and Frankie at Gulf and Bay Club the past three days for training. Their knowledge and willingness to spend time with our entire staff will go a long way in our success with FRONTSTEPS.

We’re currently accepting more beta customers. Interested in signing up for the beta? Request more information today!

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