Live Patrol Dashboard

Comprehensive Data for Complete Situational Analysis

Centralized and Organized

The FRONTSTEPS Live Patrol Dashboard is an end-to-end solution designed for efficiently managing workforce operations. Improve security and procedures with quick response actions, rich, informative reports, and employee activity analysis.

Live Patrol Dashboard Features

Near Real-Time GPS Data | Consolidated Reporting Capabilities

Near Real-Time GPS Data

The FRONTSTEPS Live Patrol Dashboard uses near real-time GPS data to auto-update maps and show supervisors where officers and personnel are located. Simply log in to modify patrol routes and tour intervals, and using Google maps, track movements and access past logs from 1-100 hours. This is all done through a user-friendly dashboard on a desktop computer. Offer location assurance to your officers while they patrol and to managers while they supervise.

Consolidated Reporting Capabilities

A wealth of data is available with just a few clicks. Easily export a snapshot of the last 10 patrols or incidents, the number of checkpoints completed, or any KPI’s stakeholders or site supervisors request. Or pull comprehensive reports for full analysis and quality control. Build trust with and add value to your clients by granting them dashboard access with customizable branch administrative controls. This open visibility feature offers peace of mind for everyone. Supervisors can access digital data, reports, and logs in one place, which eliminates paper log books and messy records.