Custom Patrol Reports

Consistent and Concise Analysis

Personalized Reports For Patrol Companies & Their Clients

Data is king. With FRONTSTEPS Custom Report capabilities, organizations can leverage their patrol data to create highly customized reports on everything from incidents and accidents to personnel activity and response time.

Custom Patrol Features

Incident Reporting | Officer Reporting

Incident Reporting

When incidents occur, guards can create a robust report on-scene that includes photos, text comments, the exact GPS location, and recorded witness statements. Reports can be saved to the guard’s device and completed later or uploaded into the system immediately. Once uploaded, supervisors and fellow officers are up-to-speed instantly, and can then monitor the situation, assets, personnel, and buildings involved.   Eliminate paper records and keep all documentation in the cloud, including reports by officer, incident, date, client, or location. Take advantage of pre-loaded forms for minor event reporting, such as unlocked doors or lighting issues.

Officer Reporting

Our mobile app will improve communication between staff and managers and create trust with clients and stakeholders. Patrol staff can quickly upload daily reports, which managers, can then share with clients. It’s a time-saving, efficient way to gather critical data from the field without managing archaic, paper-based practices.