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With the FRONTSTEPS Patrol App you’ll manage your security personnel more efficiently, and ultimately provide a more secure environment. Live update capability means managers have full visibility into employee positions, incidents, and data. Users can view activity details and create customized patrol reports.

We specialize in a securing a range of industries, including campus and educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and utility grounds.

Mobile App for Guard Tours

FRONTSTEPS’ mobile app provides unparalleled features designed to keep areas safe. Guards, officers, and other security personnel can provide live updates in seconds and share key information for each checkpoint along patrol routes, including GeoTag checkpoint ID, GPS/Photo/Audio information, emergency contacts, and incident forms.  

Custom Reports

Your unique needs for information—incident, location, or client reports, for example—are met with FRONTSTEPS custom reporting software. Guarantee visibility, accountability, and safety for you, clients, and employees.  

Live Dashboard

Monitor staff and their patrols with up-to-the-minute data with FRONTSTEPS’ Live Dashboard. This user-friendly interface provides a security snapshot for you and your clients, and helps ensure the safety of all guards and personnel.  

User Friendly

Get patrol personnel up and running in less than 10 minutes. The mobile app is intuitive and simple to use, ensuring all activity and incidents will be captured across the entire patrol team.

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Customer Success

"PatrolLIVE has been a godsend to our company! It has made us competitive

with much larger security companies. Their customer service is

second to none, because Josh has the patience needed to work with you and help

you understand and succeed; no matter if you're tech savvy or not!"

Steve Tavares

Secure Lion Security

"We have been using PatrolLive for about 3 months now.

I can honestly say it has created multiple trusting relationships

between our company and our clients. We plan on utilizing this

system for years to come."

Seth Dale

Superior Protection Consultants

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PatrolLIVE is the nation's premiere mobile guard tour solution for guarding and patrol security companies. With the most intuitive mobile solution, our goal is to work with our valued customers on making PatrolLIVE the all-in-one guarding solution for your security needs.