Front Desk Solutions

Improve Operations & Efficiency

Manage Your Multi-Family Building with Ease

With Front Desk Solutions, all activity at your property is monitored so that deliveries get where they need to be and maintenance requests are tracked. Guests won’t have any trouble checking-in, either – it’s all done through a simple interface that’s up and running in just a few minutes.

Front Desk Solutions Features

Delivery Management | Building Maintenance Tracking | Guest List Management

Delivery Management

Packages won’t linger at the front desk any longer with FRONTSTEPS Delivery Management. Concierges simply log a delivery and the resident is notified immediately by text or email. The searchable database records when a delivery was received and when and if it was picked up by the owner. Particularly helpful during busy holiday seasons, delivery management is the clear front desk solution.

Building Maintenance Tracking

Manage everything from preventative building and vehicle maintenance schedules to work and purchase orders with FRONTSTEPS Building Maintenance Tracking software. The web-based tool is user-friendly and includes daily activity reports, document sharing capabilities, and more. All the inventory associated with a particular job is also tracked. For ultimate documentation and clarity, residents can even take a picture, upload it to a work order, and receive notification when it’s complete.

Guest List Management

Manage guests and vendors with real time notifications. FRONTSTEPS Guest List Management software is efficient and eliminates frustrating confusion when it comes to visitors.

  • No more paper log books
  • Frequent visitors are processed quicker