My mother is big on New Year's Resolutions. We had to do them every year growing up. Sitting over fondue on New Year's Eve, I'd promise and vow to not gag when I ate brussels sprouts and to finish my homework on time. My brother often promised to stop drinking grape soda (which he hated). It's unclear whether my mom saw through this. It didn't matter, she'd often suggest a few for us. Real subtle, mom.  But alas, I inherited this and I'm fond of making my family do them too. And so why not get a jump on your New Year's Resolutions and read about Top Ways to improve your neighborhood in 2018!  Here are some ah-hem ... suggestions!

Remember Dave Letterman's Top Ten list?  They were hilarious. Often, celebs came on to read the list. Snoop Dog read, "Things that sound cool when said by Snoop Dog," and Robert De Niro and Al Pacino read,  "Top Ten Reasons I Like Being An Actor." (De Niro deadpanned, "It's the makeup. I like wearing makeup."). Unfortunately we don't have any celebs to read off our Top Ten Reasons to Attend our inaugural webinar, so we're going old school.  And if this isn't funny, Jacob, our designer, promises to do stupid human tricks.