FRONTSTEPS Family Culture

From our FRONTSTEPS family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!  We are thankful for our incredible employees, like Brent Dyke! He's been a FRONTSTEPS support team member for almost a year and works on our front lines assisting customers with their websites. While you're sitting on the couch watching  football, enjoy reading about Brent!

Veterans make our communities better. Today, on Veterans Day (and the USMC birthday), we wanted to showcase the Veterans and military family members who are part of the FRONTSTEPS team. Just 1% of the US population serves in the military and our already talented FRONTSTEPS family has a strong military legacy. Meet some of our former Servicemembers and military family members. 

The FRONTSTEPS Family is spread out across Colorado, Oregon (Nick P. is our resident Ducks fan!), Georgia, and  Arizona. Outside of Denver, our biggest presence is in California. Our Berkeley and Carlsbad offices have uber talented folks—our resident author, choir singer, and equestrian, Shari Brown, is a standout. Heeeeerrrrre's Shari.  

Margaret Pelletier has a lot of nicknames:  Margo, RadioShack, Mags, Magalicious, Maggie, Margarita ... regardless of what we call her, she's a superstar sales team member. She's got a serious case of the travel bug and she's got an interesting background as a military brat. Let's sit back and learn a little more about Mags.