Customer Success

When FRONTSTEPS hung out its shingle and the teams were being built out, a set of Core Values was established. The values aren't just for show but rather, the tenants (Develop our People, Take Care of the Customer at all Times, Move with Purpose and Urgency, Be Open, Honest, & Transparent, Innovate and Fail Forward, and Be Courageous) strongly influence everything we do to make this company amazing. Last night we honored some special FRONTSTEPPERS for just this. 

Anyone can sell you a website. Lots of companies can also offer you document storage if you’re a PMC or HOA.  And as an HOA or PMC, you need both of these. Many states have laws mandating that residents have access to financial records, so hosting HOA fiscal documents, meeting minutes, and information like neighborhood rules and architectural regulations is not only lawful but it’s smart—transparency is key. Ok, so you’ve got all that done. Why is the relationship between HOAs and residents still broken? Introducing the New FRONTSTEPS Platform.